Maintenance Services & Website Administration

firma de actualizare periodica site


   The following step after creating a website or an online store, is to make sure that everything is updated, in order to attract more clients and visitors, and also for a succesful business.
   Our company provides services for website Websites Maintenance which consists in: Data Update, Product/Update, Virus Scan / Security & Backup, etc.

How do we handle the maintenance of the websites?

From the beginning we determine if your site requires periodic interventions or updates. Through a monthly subscription, with a price that will be communicated promptly after the analyze, you can request a limited number of interventions on site per month, we will devote and take care of everything. You can choose from a variety of packages suitable for your needs. View our policy and offers.

What is the maintenance of the website?

Through a maintenance contract for the site, we understand your need for:

  • Regular updates of the content: text, pictures & videos for your website.
  • Adding new products, services or sections in the site.
  • Periodic changes of the banner, logo and other design elements.
  • Adding new products, update existing ones (prices, descriptions, images, stock etc.)
  • Adding new categories / subcategories.
  • Removing the site errors, increase security & backup regularly.
  • Regular updates on the site design, improved functionalities.
  • Updates for scripts, technical support & software.

There are several ways in which you can modify a content of a static web page. If you own a static web page, then its content can be modified directly using HTML, a CMS platform such as Wordpress, Joomla or eCommerce (for Online Stores). If your Website is a dynamic one, its content can be updated online using specialized text editors or modules of self-management. In this way, the maintenance is done quickly and easy by the Website owner. The training program and the documentation is explained when we deliver the website to the owner. So, the beneficiary may interfere and add adjustments or give updates if it's necessary. For those who want the update to be done by one of our specialists, we will provide you with a wide range of Maintenance packages.

Why do you need maitenance for your website?

No more hassle

No need to search for tutorials to understand how to make updates for your site.

Regular updates

Offer your clients the information they need in a short time.

Increase the websites traffic

Get higher rankings in search engine results.

Technical Support & Intervention

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skype: compact_studio
mobile: +4 0743.189.462
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Administration & Maintenance for your website

We offer Administration and Maintenance services.

Content Update

The content of a site must be actual and the Website has to support regular changes and Updates

Platform Updates and scripts

For the optimal running of your site, Updates and Upgrades are necessary, in plus you'll also avoid malfunctions.

Security & Backups

Receive automativ backups with a few restorations. We improve the security of your Website and Update the scripts.

Site Administration

It allows you to manage your new Website developed by us with an easy interface. For questions and other details contact us.


You decided to administrate your Website alone and something is not working properly? We offer you assistance.

Features Checking

We check your website periodically so that we make sure everything it's working properly, also we update the websites scripts.