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We offer our clients FREE Web Analytics for SEO. We establish the best techniques that suit your needs but also the actions that will be performed. Also we will give you the exact price for the SEO Service. For further details on costs, please contactact us and we will provide answers to your questions as soon as possible.

Optimization Services, SEO specialists

Besides the attractive design, we focus a lot on optimizing your site, the results are visible in the first weeks. The site will be find easier and faster by your customers.

SEO Optimization is extremely important when you launch a new site because you want the search engines to position yourself as high as possible in the results list. Often competition is tough and varies in many fields. What we consider in an SEO audit:

  • The analysis of the website that you want to create and optimize.
  • Detailed analysis on the competition for your domain.
  • Choosing the right keywords for your field, representative keywords which have the greatest impact.
  • Choosing SEO strategies & their implementation.
  • The approximate estimation of the optimization process and the estimation of the allocated necessary budget.

Our specialists in SEO Optimization choose the most effective and appropriate keywords that are representative for your field, we consult, analyze competition and bring visible results since the beginning of the collaboration.

Why do you need SEO?

Increasing number of clients

With SEO you can attract a significant number of customers interested in your services.

Insignificant costs compared to how much you'll earn

Investing in SEO does not have immediate effects, but it is an investment worth making, and it can recoup in the future.

Attract the target population

One advantage clearly visible between advertising posters and SEO optimization is that through SEO you'll attract just the visitors interested in your field.

What is SEO Optimization?

SEO is a process, a set of techniques designed to help achieving better results in the search engines. The SEO process takes between 3 and 6 months and the results are visible after a few weeks. The elapsed time and the prices varies on the analitycs of the market and competition.

Visible Results

Every customer wants succesful results, therefore in 3 months you will be able to see great results of the Optimization, depending on your Website Status.

SEO Wordpress

Compact Studio owns SEO services for Websites built on the Wordpress platform. You can count on us, we will optimize your Website. Request a quote today...

Google Guide

Since google is the main search engine, it has some optimization techniques hat we are aware of and we apply them.


SEO is the process that can take between 3-6 monts and aims to communicate to the Search Engine about your business. We offer SEO Advice..

Online Marketing

It is very important for your Website to be found on Social Media, to be active and the number of visitors to be growning, also the number of future customers.

Content Update

The Content is the most important thing in building a Website and it's essential to have regular Updates and Upgrades. Request a quote...