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How much does the Website Development Service Costs?

The costs for a site are different for each project, reason why if you request it, we can create a custom offer for your needs. The Cost is influenced by many factors such as: the Complexity, the site's functionality, multi-lingual option for the site, Responsive Design (optimized for mobile devices) or the content management made by the client.


What is the duration of a Web Design Project?

After analyzing the demands and complexity of your project, we can communicate you both the cost and duration of the project. Informative, for an online store with typical features, the process of development takes 2 weeks, from which 3 days are allocated to product's testsing (QA- Quality Assurance). For a presentation website, the average time is 7 days.


What is SEO good for? And how much does the service cost?

SEO helps your site reach a better position in the results list of search engines. The cost of SEO will be communicated to you after the market analysis and after the site's analysis. Better positioning for your site means more visitors and more costumers by default. If you want to stand out among competitors without expecting too much, you can start by investing in AdWords campaigns. For this we recommend you to contact a specialized company, so you won't experience financial losses. But if you want to optimize your own website, here are five effective optimization strategies that you can apply yourself.


What costs can generate the maintenance of a site?

Maintenance costs of a Website may vary depending on many factors. For example, if you want services such as Hosting, Website Maintenance, Promotion or SEO Optimization they will generate extra costs for your site, but you will have a lot of benefits from their results. If you want to find our maintenance costs, you can read this article in which we detailed all the aspects that can generate costs in the maintenance of the site.


How often should I update the website?

Updating the site is done periodically depending on how often you want changes on the site, also it depends on how much and often you need to add content such as text, photos, new information or applications and functions. Each site is different and some require daily updates, others weekly or montly. Because of this, it is necessary that the web design company that handles your website to offer you the possibility for a simply and quickly way to update or edit the content. The company can help you by giving you A Management System, or maybe you want to choose the option to let the company handle the administration of the site.


What is a presentation site?

A Presentation Website is the way you communicate with your customers. By creating a presentation site you can give information about your business, services and products that you offer to your clients, also information about your skills or other relevant information. A presentation website is the image that remains in the client's mind about your company, so this site should have a visual impact and be fully functional.


What is an online store?

The online store is a website that aims to sell products or services. This website provides users the ability to access product information, descriptions, reviews of other users. Any user can also order and/or buy products, everything via the Internet.

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